Infrastructure for Offline Commercial Assets Circulation

SLife provides decentralized blockchain applications that empower offline business, helping to reconstruct business relations and build a brand new co-created and co-owned online community for offline businesses and their consumers.


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Go Beyond Crowdfunding

Founders of SLife come from the largest crowdfunding platform of China. They have helped more than 2,000 offline commercial projects complete the crowdfunding and collected nearly 500 million USD in the past two years. The establishment of SLife originates from their insights in blockchain technology and token model and the vision to create a new customer relationship and community.

Hello World

In SLife, each recognized offline business could issue its own token and obtain an independent customer community, so that they could come together and develop lifestyle products in the real world. Guesthouses, islands, farms, restaurants and recreational places will be inclueded.

On SLife public blockchain, those independent communites will be connected to become a fast growing global community.

SLife would provide creative marketing, user relationship management and inclusive financial service protocols and application tools for offline business to help them embrace the new crypto world.

Mission of SLife Ecosystem

More powerful, more effecient, more open connection with offline business

Enpower Offline Business

SLife will provide a series of smart contracts to help offline business accquire marketing and financial service.

Reduce the Intermediary Cost

SLife will endeavor to reduce the intermediate costs and to help to connect participants in the community in a better way.

Establish a New Relationship

SLife will rebuild the trust and credit mechanism between business and their customers with the help of data trasanction and decentralized ledger.

Accelarate the Asset Circulation

SLife will intergrate the fragments of offline business in regions and catogories, strengthen the mobility of consumption willingness throughout a whole community.

Scenarios for SLife Token

SLife Token is the gas to support community operation, it is used to recognize the community contribution and to set up community incentive scheme.

Token Issuance

An independent chain guesthouse brand JA issue its token in SLife system,its loyal customers support with their purchase in USDT or other stable crypto currencies.

Offline Consumption

Customer S1 in Singapore pays the bill with SLife Token in the local brand restaurant SA which accepts SLife Token offline.

Community Incentive

The accounting firm B1 in Bangkok provides auditing services for a local brand farm about its SLife token issuance and receives SLife Token rewards provided by the community.

Customer Marketing Service

The local brand leisure space KA takes SLife Token as the reward of its marketing activities both online and offline,its customers obtain the incentive by contribution.


The founders of SLife have a plenty of experience in offline crowdfunding, fintech and blockchain technology.

Mr. Gui Bin has 12 years’ experience in life media industry. He once participated in the establishment of “Kaishi” crowd-funding and served as operation vice president in charge of the departments of community ecology, project management and life e-commerce. He also set up a media matrix with twenty million fans including “Chaping” “Youshuguang” and “Jianerjia”. The self-running content e-commerce he takes charge of independently has achieved an annual sale of more than 100 million yuan.
Mr. Gui Bin has a deep understanding of the community development, fans operation and traffic ecology of blockchain project and he is committed to exploring the application of blockchain industry.

13 years experience in Internet technology development. Head of the technical team in large Internet company, mainly responsible for architecture design and online application of ERP system in a large state-owned enterprise project.
Had great experience in the design and development of cloud wallet applications and decentralized wallet applications, as well as transforming Ethereum consensus algorithm into DPoS model. Also had profound practical experience In the area of block chain application design, architecture, development, landing and other aspects. A thorough understanding of cryptography, security protocols and encryption algorithms was also equipped with.

Five years experience in Internet product design and project management. Worked as a product manager in well-known Internet enterprise before, mainly responsible for product design and team management of core business with deep understanding in market operation rules, consumer-oriented and business-oriented products.
Now engaged in blockchain research related to application and scenarios. Manage the design of HD wallet, centralized wallet and C2C exchange product scheme.



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